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Goodyear Titan LSW Low Sidewall Tire History

There was once a time when tractors ran on steel wheels, but when the rubber revolution hit, nobody looked back. In the late 1990s, Titan CEO, Maurice Taylor, had a vision for a new revolution in off-the-road tires — Low Sidewall (LSW) technology — a design that has proven very effective in the automotive market.

As the only company with the ability to design and manufacture both wheels and tires for the off-highway markets, Mr. Taylor seized the opportunity to begin producing LSW assemblies. OEM test results were very positive, and in 1999, Caterpillar Inc. contracted Titan to begin producing Caterpillar-branded skid steer tires — which are still in production today.

Despite early momentum, industry-wide adoption proved challenging, largely because OEMs were hesitant to list a product that no other tire manufacturer could provide replacement for in the aftermarket. Meanwhile, machines grew larger and so did concerns over equipment stability. Titan continued R&D, testing and prototyping over the next decade, waiting for the right time to move full-speed-ahead with an LSW resurgence. That time is now. View the video for the full story.


From early momentum in the late 1990s, to a full-scale LSW revolution today, see how Titan reinvented the wheel.